Nomination for Power Part Time List

Claire and Louise are thrilled to have been nominated for the 2019 Timewise Power Part Time List by Jane Johnson of Feel Communications. “It’s a privilege to be nominated”, says Louise. “Previous winners have always inspired us by their trailblazing approach to flexible working”. Claire adds, “we are proud to be part of this growing community and share our story of the ‘power of two’."

Sharing perspectives at the Unlimited Festival

Claire and Louise were delighted to join the team at Odgers Berndtson to share their experiences of job sharing and dispel some of the myths for the executive search profession.

Speaking as part of the organisation’s Unlimited Festival, which celebrates inclusion and diversity in the workplace, Claire and Louise answered questions most frequently posed by hiring managers.

Pictured with Claire and Louise are Odgers Berndtson colleagues Rebecca Meredith, Stuart Morton and Clare McKenna.


Head & Heart

Claire and Louise were proud to share their experiences of job-sharing at the Head & Heart event at VMA Group on 19 September.  This breakfast session explored how to get the best from employees by creating a growth mind-set and encouraging flexible ways of working.  Joining them was Hilary Scarlett, consultant at Scarlett & Grey.  Hilary, who is an international speaker, consultant and author on the neuroscience behind change, shared observations from her inspiring research.

Celebrating our work

Our much loved, 24 strong Creative Team delivered outstanding work for Lloyds Banking Group.  We were proud to lead this team of professional designers, film makers, photographers and event experts from 2017-2018, creating a new and transformational strategy to focus the team on higher value work.  Together, we saved significant costs and enabled a self-service culture for our business partnering colleagues.  We celebrated our work during our 2018 summer picnic.

Creative team.JPG

The evolving world of work

As the working environment continues to evolve, so must organisations.  Louise joined the 2018 European Communication Summit in Berlin, to share her experiences of job sharing at the most senior level and how, rather than curb her career development, it's opened up even more opportunities.

Winning ways

PRCA Award.jpg

In collaboration with DRP Group, Claire and Louise were proud to win 'Best Banking Communications Campaign' at the 2017 PRCA City and Financial Awards.  The award recognised the work and planning which went into an offsite event, designed to give c300 employees hands-on, interactive experiences and develop practical skills to take back into the company's working environment.  Organisers praised the event's creativity and organisation and were impressed that post-event, a staggering 120% increase in members on their internal communication platform was achieved.